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Cost: $34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days Rating: 89

Andi Pink - www.AndiPink.comAndi Pink bills herself as the cutest amateur teen newcomer on the net, coming to you from the Pancho Pass network, and I think she just might be right about being the cutest! The tour page lists 25,355 photos, 155 video clips, and 430 albums, plus 1024x768 or higher photos, HQ videos, and weekly updates. I'm really anxious to see if Andi Pink lives up to all that! Let's log in!

Don't let Andi's most recent messages on top of the member page throw you off—those are dated October 2007 but apparently she's just a lazy blogger. The actual updates on the site are current and there is new content (both photos and videos) added weekly. So far so good. There's not really any solo masturbation action going on here as far as I can see—mostly just sexy stripping and flirting with the camera. If that's what you came here for, you are going to be very into Andi Pink, no doubt about it.

The annoying thing about the main member page is that you have to scroll way down past recommended updates and a huge section that links to all the bonus sites (info on those coming up shorty) in order to get to the actual photo and video updates. When you finally get there you will see the three latest photo updates going down the left with thumbnails and dates, the three latest movie updates going down the middle again with thumbnails and dates, and then six upcoming picture sets presented the same way on the right. There are also a couple of wallpapers listed below that as a nice bonus, plus links to more are below each section.

I want to get a look at the movies first. They are available in WMV and AVI, and the sizes will be around 25MB per WMV or 55MB per AVI, depending on length. They are 720x480 as promised, and they looked pretty good on my screen though they are a little bit blocky or pixelated. Not perfect, not quite HQ, but still very adequate if you ask me. The real value here is in Andi's sexy attitude, which shines through regardless of quality. I just watched her lean back naked eating french fries, flirting with the camera, and then trailing a lone french fry across her nude pink pussy. Does it get any better than that, guys? I don't think so. The vids are arranged by month, and there are multiple videos in each month. It would take forever to go through each separate section and get you a real total, but I'd say their estimate of 155 videos is probably right on the money. There is certainly a lot here.

The photos are 1024x682 and they are just as perfect as I hoped they would be. Andi Pink is freaking gorgeous, can I just say that? I mean this babe is so fuckable, it's a shame this isn't a hardcore site! But why ruin the intrigue? She's so cute in her innocence. The images are crystal clear and you can either click on each thumbnail, flip through them yourself, or download the zip sets which are typically about 10MB. There are generally 100 photos or so per set. Here too it would take an exorbitant amount of time to get a complete count of all the photo sets, but I'd say 430 sets is about right. I have no complaints here—I'm very impressed by everything that Andi has shown us so far!

The extras section basically includes links to a few of the bonus sites, several very naughty polls asking what you would like Andi to do next, or what you'd to to her if you could, and some wallpapers. From what I can tell, the friends section does not include free bonus sites—it's just links to other pay sites. The actual bonus sites that are included with your membership are all from the Pancho Pass network and are accessible from the main member page, and here's the whole list: TrueTere, Cute Girl Feet, Stormy Friday, Felicity Fey, Ariel Rebel, Wild Tarts, Crimson Teens, 18 Magazine, Porn Wipes, BFT Girls, Kylie Teen, Piper Fawn, Teen Travels, Dasha Markova, Nastya Girl, Scarlet Peaches, Paris Tale, Tranny Sex Nation, Redcity Nudes, Kristina Fey, Harmony Finn, Teen Foot Club, Lez B Teens, Tabatha Fey, Ana Fey, Ivy Summer, Katie Fey, Panty Fruit, and Exclusive TGirls. They all share the same familiar layout and you can access them all with the same username/password combo, though you do have to enter it again each time. Bummer. The sites are good though!

If you decide to join Andi Pink by credit card, it'll cost you $34.95 for 30 days recurring or $69.95(90 days) recurring. You can also join by check or by phone for the same prices, but note that the phone option only gives you a 30 day option, no choice for the 90 days. Overall I am very happy with everything I have seen on Andi Pink! I'd love to see her graduate to at least some blowjob content, but overall I find her flirtatious innocence very sexy, and she's very at ease with the camera. The content is great quality and it's all good from what I've seen! My rating for Andi Pink is 89/100, and if you like what you have read here, then I recommend you join right away!

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Andi Pink Picture
Andi Pink Picture

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  • Andi Pink by 8/9/2010 6:16:43 AM (79/100):
    Andi Pink is a cute amateur with her own website, where she enjoys innocently showing off her tight, little body and shaved pussy. There are roughly 64 downloadable videos that come in clips and 168 photo shoots split up into different parts. The content is softcore and if you enjoy that kind of thing, you'll be happy to know that Andi does it well. She seems so sweet and innocent that you just have to watch. There are 30 bonus sites available as well, each featuring a different sexy gal pal. Photos are added twice a week, but movies are added infrequently.

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