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Cost: $33 for 1 Month, or $60 for 3 Months Rating: 76 User Rating: 80

Amateur Allure - www.AmateurAllure.comAmateur Allure is a web site that's sole focus is on cum swallowing. This site claims that in every single video they upload, you'll see hot babes sucking cock and swallowing big loads of cum. Now who doesn't love a babe that swallows? Amateur Allure is determined to corner the market on hot teen babes slurping big dicks and chugging down tons of sperm.

The motto of Amateur Allure is “Where Good Girls Come to Swallow Cum,” and it's a pretty good way of describing the type of girls you'll see on here. Pretty much all of the girls are in their teens or early twenties, and you'll see lots of college girls, cheerleaders, girl-next-door types, and generally lots of fresh faces. Sweet, innocent looking gals. Blonds, brunettes, and redheads alike all come here with big, pleading eyes and hungry mouths choking down cock. Amateur Allure looks like a good find if you're into the good-girl-gone-bad thing.

The member's only area of the site is incredibly straightforward. Once you log in, you'll see the most recent update, along with a free featured update from another website with great content. At the top of the page is a tool bar, and that's probably your best bet for navigating the actual content. You can go to 'Updates' to see the complete list of sets, or you can click on 'Girls' to browse the website by particular model, or click on the 'Friends' button to see some great free bonus content from other sites, including plenty more cock sucking and swallowing! Nice navigation.

From what I can see, there are 175 different models uploaded to this website, and the website updates once a week. I section this off by models because if you just search by updates, it doesn't seem to give you all of the content that's actually on the website. Also, almost all of the girls have more than one set. To view the content, your best bet is to click on 'girls' and find a girl you want to check out. When you click on her thumbnail picture, you'll be directed to a page that holds all of the content featuring that girl. If it's video content you want, you'll easily find it when you are directed to that page. The videos themselves look to be around 480 x 320 or so, and they are of decent quality. Whenever you go to view a movie, you'll click whether you want high resolution or low resolution. It'll direct you to a page where the video will start streaming. It kept making me reenter my username and password every time I wanted to watch a video, which was a pain in the ass. From this streaming page, you can choose to download the video. If you want to download, you click on the 'download video' link that is right above the streaming video. It seems that the download format is pretty much MOV across the board, and most of the videos are somewhere in the ballpark of around 15MB-30MB or so, depending on the set. As I said before, the quality is decent. The sound works, and the video isn't jittery or anything, but it's not the best quality video I've seen, either.

If you want photo content, you'll also find all the sets for every girl on the first page you are directed to after clicking on the thumbnail. From what I can tell, every episode on here has photo sets, and they seem to have multiple sets per episode, bu the galleries for each set are very small. Most have around 8-15 photographs, and most of those photographs come in around 405px × 540px or so. The photo sets really don't seem to have too much to do with the video content at all, more posing and after cum-shots than any real documenting of the action that goes on in the scene. They are of decent quality, but they don't look like a professional photo shoot or anything.

A membership to Amateur Allure will cost you $33 for a month's worth of access, or if you'd rather, you can go for the $60 three-month membership package. Despite the somewhat less than user-friendly layout of this page, with the amount of content and the steady update schedule, I'll give Amateur Allure a final rating of 76/100. It's not a five-star recommendation, but it is worth joining if you don't mind a couple slight drawbacks. I'd say it's worth putting up with the snags to get to the good stuff. Check it out.

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Amateur Allure Video

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    At Amateur Allure, you have the privilege of watching cute amateurs fill their mouths with dick and cum. There are 399 episodes available and a new one is added weekly. All the content is filmed by Thomas who manages to somehow find hot amateurs with fun personalities and a willingness to learn deep throating. Many vids offer stellar-quality playback and the pics all look great for medium-res images. It's a hottie BJ bonanza.

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