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Amateur Allure Kathleen
Kathleen is my latest dream come true! What a stunner. 19 and never swallowed before in her life! Wow! We get it all in 20 minutes of Fun enjoy.

Amateur Allure Kate
Kate is so cute. She is trying to get her training lips off. a head new comer.

Amateur Allure Loren
Loren is another 18 year old doll. So sweet, but not so innocent. She loves to please a man. She wants to brush up on her oral skills. So, I show her a thing or two. We really had a good time! I shoot two loads into her beautiful little mouth. Loren was a great first time swallower! Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Angelica
Angelica is a 20 year old hottie who fell in love with my cock. She wants it, I give it to her. She is so nasty with it. Two nasty big loads get taken down. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Jessica
Jessica is a 20 year old teachers assistant. She heard about my informal blow job school and had to come get a lesson. She was much better than I expected. We had a great time. Massive loads delivered. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Nadia
Nadia is a 19 year old student and go go dancer. She is a wild little girl. She loves to suck cock and wanted to prove it. She has one of the nicest asses I have ever seen! Two big loads go down! Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Erica
Erica is an 18 year old student. She loves to show off her oral skills. She is very good. Very new to the swallowing thing also. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Gerri
Gerri is 21 and a student. A very good friend of mine wants to help out with content from time to time. This is his debut update. He will be helping me out a lot in 08 I hope. Two big loads from two guys gets devoured! Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Makalie
Makalie is 23 and a post grad student. She was kind of board one day and found the site. Next thing I know she is here waiting to drop suck and swallow. Here we go again. A nice start to the new year! Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Evelyn
Evelyn shows us even very pretty girls can swallow big loads with a smile in this 'swallow only' clip. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Violet
Violet is 19 and a college student. She is so hot and she can't wait to jump down and suck a big cock. My kind of girl. she takes two big loads in her tummy. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Genevieve
Genevieve is 19 and a college student. She is a hot big boobed girl who loves cock. She sucks and fuck like crazy. So hot. Big green eyes. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Heather
This "Heather" was a treat! She looks like Drew Barrymore. I may have her back. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Sara
Sara is a 19 yr old college student and she is truly a delight. She really wants to suck cock and is new to blowjobs on camera. She really goes for it, and swallows two for the road! Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Lane
Lane is 20 and a student. She likes to ski and cheer and suck cock. She show's us how she sucks cock. She takes three loads. What a nice girl. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Samantha
Samantha is 20 and a hot little lady. She really wants to show me what she can do. Turns out she was pretty good at giving head. she takes two big loads. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Christina
Christina is a 21 year student. She loves giving head. So I let her show me. She takes the loads like a champ. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Christie
Christie is a 21 year old student. She is a total party waiting to happen. She jumps down and sucks cock like a champ. a mouth to die for. she gets two big loads for her effort. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Brittney 2
Brittney is a 20 year old W.I.L.F. Her hubby is out of town for a few months. She needs to suck some cock. I ride in to save the day. She really did need some cock! Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Mindy 2
Mindy takes the cum with a big gulp and a smile. Her follow up load is awesome. She eats it all up with a big smile and wants more. I am in love. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Skyla 2
Skyla takes the cum like it was a prize. A nice hand job follow up load is special. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Kacey 3
Kacey is back to get the full facial treatment. She says she has never had on. No problem I say. I give her a good one. We go for a nasty follow up with limited success. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Taylor and Amy 2
A double trouble scene unfolds as Taylor and Amy suck all the cum they can out of Ray and I. Five loads! A naughty update. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Hannah 2
Hannah does a great job swallowing a huge load! She does the follow up load in style as well. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Hayden 2
Hayden takes a nice big load and struggles to get it down. By the time she has to eat the follow up load, she is hitting her stride. Two big loads go down with a smile. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Anna 2
Anaa is 22. She is model. She wants to do a new kind of modeling. This leggy fox means business too. She gets down with the best of them! Two big loads get swallowed Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Miley 2
Miley says ahh as Ray dumps his loads down her throat. A nasty follow up hand job finish a big mess. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Cali
Cali is 20 and a student. She wants to get into the porn world. What a great place to learn the ways of the cock. lol She sucks and fucks and takes two big loads. A star is born. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Kacey 2
Kacey is back again to do the Spermcam thing. Two nice big loads go down. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Lexi
Lexi is 18. She is finishing up High School! Ray takes this one on a nice test drive of her hot little body. A nice time follows. She eats down two big loads. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Julie
Julie is 20 5'7" She really wants to get her fifteen minuets of fame. I give it to her all right. All the guys at school will notice her now. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Chase
Chase is 21. My friend Ray gives her a try out. Wow. She may have to come and work with me next time. ;-) Two big nasty loads get downed. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Kitty
Kitty is 20 5'8" and a student. She is a vegetarian. She does not get enough protein. I do my best to help her out twice! Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Kacey
Kacey is 21 5'8" and a student. She is tired of everyone making fun of her because she is shy. Well that ends today. She is out of her shell now. An awesome mouth and ass. She swallows with the best of them. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Codi
Codi is 21 and going to school. She is really nervous at first. she has never been on camera and wants to do well. Well my friend gets a good scene for us. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Jolie
Jolie is 18 and works at a book store. She is pretty board and just wants to have some fun. 5'8"and big pretty eyes she gets right to work. Ray gives her two servings of cum for her first video ever. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Steph
Steph is 21. She is really tiny at 5'2" eyes to die for. She is an intern. She gets turned on when people watch her being naughty. Well I make her wish come true. Two big loads go down. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Jayden and Kitty
Vegas Baby! This week while at a porn convention I run into a new model and a recent hottie. Jayden starts us off. Love her. Then Kitty returns for more Thomas! Three loads get gulped down. Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Kirra
and wants to learn how to give better head for her BF. What she lacks in technic she more than makes up for in enthusiasm. She know how to swallow already ;-) Enjoy, Thomas.

Amateur Allure Austyn
Austyn is 19. She is from back east. She's out west to have some fun. Ray takes this one. He runs her through her passes. She downs a nice big load. Something a little different for her follow up load. Enjoy, Thomas.

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