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Shayna, this small titted brunette hottie gets her ass so abused that her spincter muscles actually lose their memory! We paid her a little extra so she could afford Preperation H and ice packs!

Sandra has an ass that could ruin a monk's vow of celibacy! The best part is she'll let you stick you cock in there! You won't believe the punishment her ass can withstand and how she loves it!

Sierra, this little teen gets stabbed in the ass so often that getting gaped is an everyday activity. She confessed that when she doesn't feel like going out, she curls up with a good double dong!

Barbara, a sexy blonde with a great set of knockers, Barbara shows you what she's made of... inside and out! When John rolled her back and spead her ass cheeks I thought I saw the lighting guy's hair get blown back!

Janet is an anal annihilation veteran so her ass is no stanger to being stretched out beyond recognition! She gets gaped open, fucked silly and soaked in sperm by Vince's 10" rectum reamer!

Saana's mind is always in the gutter... so we brought in a guy with a cock the size of a sewer pipe and she took it all! Her asshole was stretched out so far, I swear I heard an echo when the director yelled cut!

Holly gets her ass hollowed out by Bob's big boring tool. She had checked the "OK for Anal" box on the application and had done "that" a couple of times when her biker boyfriend came home drunk. She forgot Bob packs more meat and has no "whiskey dick"!

Tiffany is a farmer's daughter from the midwest who came out to LA because, as she says "I get paid for getting laid!"... It's so much better than gettin butt-fucked in the barn and DP'ed in the Dodge!

Mikayla is another teen that gets her taint torn up in this scene with Vince. She finds herself with more cock up her ass than a rooster coop at Foster Farms! Vince pops it out of her ass just before he blasts his load all over her face!

Kelly, after bitching about the scene we made her do with Mongo, we schedueled her for a double team supreme! She gets choked, gaped and gagged, which gave her a whole new reason to bitch, who's she kiddin'... she loved it!

Xana, the only thing better than a big titted, blue eyed blonde is a big titted, blue eyed blonde that takes it in the ass! Xana's asshole gets more punishment than an Iraqie soccer goalie after losing the to Sierra Leon in the semi finals!

Kami, this big-titted brunette knows more tricks with a dick than a carload of monkeys! John's got his own game plan though, as he gets Kami buns up kneelin' and takes out his fantasy football frustrations on her arched ass and open anus!

Jamie, when this blonde newcomer agreed to do her first on-camera anal scene she had no idea that eyeryone would be able to see her internal organs! Afterwards it seemed like she was re-thinking her carreer choice!

Simone is a blondie who can take an ass thrashing! Jack bangs her in the snatch for a while, then spits in her ass and procedes to push the head in! I thought she was going to pass out as he shoved his meat pole in deeper and deeper!

Adrianna's ass felt like it was worked over by a Benni Hanna chef on a meth bender! Her ass was left open like a pair of doors on a '64 Lincoln and didn't snap back into shape for hours!

Naomi, we all know the Japanese are famous for making thing smaller and more compact, but when it comes to Naomi's ass that shit goes out the window! John's cock abused this little Asian's anus like a Yokohama motocross tire!

Alicia, this tiny little insecure brunette just doesn't feel loved unless she getting at least one of her hole stretched out of shape. This twisted teen feels most appreciated with a cock the size of her arm up her ass!

Arcadia should be listed as Vietnam's #1 export. This nasty little unit took on John's weapon of ass destuction like she was hijacking a Huey during the fall of Hanoi! Arcadia's finely tuned ass could make even Chuck Norris throw down his M40!

Melissa, this blue-eyed blondie's ass must be made out of the same elastic in Kirstie Alley's trampoline! This girl must have given herself an Astroglide enema before she showed up on the set judging by the ease of entry and mess on the set!

Gia was late for her pre-scene photo shoot so we made her do her scene with Rufus, this ex-football player used his cock on Gia's ass like he was opening up a hole in the offensive line! She liked it so much she'll probably be late every time!

Vanilla meets chocolate! This bubble-assed brunette gets the dark chocolate thunder rod forced right up her ass! This guy said his cock was an "OG"..."Original Gaper"! Vanilla absorbs enough ass punishment to last her... well at least a day or so!

Jay ends up with a foot in her ass... a "foot" of John's cock that is! Jay turns him loose with a 12 inch long weapon of ass destruction and pays the price! How she escaped with no internal injuries is still a mystery!

Stace, this cute little blonde gets her tiny "balloon knot" opened up so wide it could hold a piston from of 440 wedge motor! Her little ass gets gaped open so wide John's cock needed a "ring job" just to create friction!

Named after the famous brand of bannana after being caught shoving one in her ass as a teen! This little latino takes the full lenght of Vince's ass wrecker and is rewarded with a salty facial!

Jessica, this tiny-titted temptress had to do a scene with Rex, he's the angriest man I know and he's a Raider fan. We shot this scene on Sunday night after they were skunked by the Chargers! Poor Jesicca!

This 18 year old was screaming for a game warden after John declares open season on her ass! With a cock like a Mossberg 12 gauge, he demonstrates the pump action and empties a full magazine of man juice into her mouth!

Nadia uses Romanian gymnist dismount techniques to take inch after inch of Ben's hard cock up her ass! After an anal reaming "long program" she takes a gold medal load in the throat!

Dillan, this sultry brunette's asshole opened up wider the the levees in N'awlins! Now I know why they call it a rectum! After this scene Dillan's anal cavity had more cubic feet of cargo space than an F150!

Genesis, no relation to the band, although she could have written "I can feel it coming in my ass tonight" This saucey redhead's ass and pussy were so sore, Randy soaked them both with a soothing cream-pie!

Angela, the quintessential dirty blonde from the wrong side of the tracks, Angela decided getting ass-fucked in the double-wide wasn't near as good as getting gaped and paid, so she packed up the El Camino and headed for the Valley!

Jazmin, this Persian hottie proves why she's better than 72 virgins as she lets John treat her spincter like an Iraqi POW. John pumps cum up her butt like an RPG and pulls out with still enough ammo to soak her face!

Misty, gets her ass gaped open so far that even putting John's monster meat in her back passage was like throwin' a hotdog down a hallway! She told me later, her ass had opened up so far that she had lost ideas!

Luscious, this big hipped hispanic ends up getting her ass stuffed like a half pound macho combo burrito! Hank thrusted his cock in her ass with a "remember the Alamo" authority! Viva Luscious!

Keeani, not since Hiroshima have the Japanese been fucked this hard! This Asian anal abuse has got to be a violation of the Geneva convention! Keeani doesn't mind though, that whole "cum in my ass thing" was her idea!

Brooke, you wouldn't think a chick that looks like Brooke would let you near her "backdoor", let alone let you plunge an over-sized cock into it 50 or 60 times! This seductive blondie shows you she knows how to use every orifice and use it well!

Isabel shapes her bush into an arrowhead pointing directly to her pretty pink pussy. That may be enough for most guys but Vince has his sights set on the target opening just south of her sugar plum! Her crotch looks like an explanation mark when he's done!

Liv, you gotta admire a petite chick who is willing to take a cock up her ass that damn near weighs half of what she does! This skinny little blondie finished the scene by farting cum all over the set!

Ginger gets her ass packed tighter than the deck of a boat from Havana! With nipples the size of your knee caps and a pussy you could tie into a sqare knot, Ginger proves that she can take whatever Bob can dish out and more!

Poppy, this sexy little teen tramp had no hesitations when it came to having a big cock in any opening in her body! She squated down on John's cock like her ass was equipped with some type of hydralic expansion chamber!

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