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 Kelly Surfer Enjoys Fucking
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Young Janie Jones works as a baby sitter. Soon, a perv dude join her and not long before she was giving blowjob and then gets fucked.

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 Victoria White seduces her boss
During her initial interview, Victoria confesses that she got fired from her previous job for fucking her boss. Now she has to prove if she's worth keeping by munching on her future boss' dick and letting him stuff it up her snatch.

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When Abby gets caught drinking up the kids' juice, Daddy punishes her by making her suck his cock. But he finds out that her pussy is much juicier, and soon they're fucking hotly all over the room.

 Bella Rey fucks her boss
For someone who's 18, Bella still acts like a baby, and her boss thinks it's hot. After making her chug down some booze from a baby bottle, he asks her to eat his big, fat lollipop so he can make her pretty little pee-pee feel good.