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Annette was lucky to walk away from this one, she got Mongo...well that's bad enough but this was the day after his van got flooded down by the river and he was ready for a grudge fuck! She's lucky she got him off before he started in on her back nine!

Brianna gets the task of entertaining the massive meat Marcus is packin'. Getting that cock in was like the old cliche' of fitting a square hole or in Brianna's case a vertical slit!

Tia gets treated like she was the offspring of the Korean liquor store owner who shot Antone's brother during the riots! Tia didn't mind, she said it was just like her date with Kobe!

Genesis gets more dick than she bargained for in this scene with Hank, to make matters worse she had agreed to do an anal scene! Hank assured her he would be gentle...Yeah right, gentle like a Rottweiler with a tug toy! After he gapes her ass outta shape he creams her piehole!

Jezebelle turns primal in this scene when she demonstrates the agility of a spider monkey. She uses the bed frame as a jungle gym as she bounces like a gibbon on Rex's cock. He pulls his 12 inch monkey tail out of her snatch to bang her mouth before soaking her throbbing snatch with man goo!

Jasmine is one gorgeous blonde female! She's also one nasty bitch in the bedroom! This kitten gets so much of Antone's cock stuck up her ass she actually dug her nails into his thigh just to shut him down a little. This had the effect of a bull and a red cape!

Kayla, this teenage strawberry blonde had one of the smoothest, neatest snatches I'd ever seen, that is until Rufus used it for a black missle silo! After this scene her pussy looked like 5lbs of chewed bubble gum and her face looked like a frosted toaster strudle!

Charlotte hadn't felt such pain and pleasure since being fisted by her drunken lumberjack boyfriend last Monday after the Seahawks lost! Wait till he finds out she had 13 inches of black cock up her snatch. This ivory skinned blondie is up for anything!

Haley gets the big cock treatment, but good! After having her pussy used like it had a "sell before" date on it, Antone forces her to her knees and makes her watchwith an open mouth as he milks his trouser snake all over her face!

Isabella says "bigger is better" and why not? she's got big eyes, big tits, big nipples and after taking on one of the Big Cock Crew in this scene... a big snatch! Antone had his cock in her so deep and so long, that Isabella listed "penis" on her organ donor card!

Gen, her name is short for genetically designed and engineered to take a big cock! This girl is one compact pleasure unit! Weighing in at 93lbs, her pussy is equipped with gyroscopic servo technology and is covered in a synthetic skin constructed of kevlar and bungee cord!

Janet's luck of the draw finally ran out and she had to do a scene with Mongo, born in the wild back country Mongo had never even seen a woman for 17 years so puttin' Janet's pretty pink pussy in front of this fuckin' animal was like puttin Paris Hilton into general population at Bismark State Penetentary!

Yumi, talk about scrawn against brawn, this guy's cock is honestly bigger than Yumi's wrist and as long as her forearm! You won't believe your eyes as she squats down on damn near the entire lenght of this twat harpoon! This fuckin' guy put a latex glove on the head of his cock and said "Say hello to Rooster"!

Poppy has a pussy that is more responsive than that memory foam them blokes over at NASA came up with! As she lowered herself down on Randy's big dong we were amazed as she took inch after inch of the black shaft up her pink snatch then milks every ounce outta his quaking bean bag!

Chiquita, named after the famous bananas after being caught shoving one in her ass as a teen, this hot chica's tight snatch handles cocks as long as the country of Chile and cumshots with the velocity of an paintball rifle! In this scene Chiquita give a whole new meaning to the phraze "banana split"!

Asia gets ruled by the Mongols again as the Gengis Kahn mother fucker busts down the Great Wall and starts drillin' into Asia's greatest natural resource! Mongo went ape-shit for this Asian hottie and we had to pull him off before shoved it in her ass and put us over budget!

Gia, this sultry brunette handles more black cock than a Foster Farms truck driver in East St. Louis! Gia is one sexy girl with a rockin' body and an ass that could hide a Howitzer and she proves it as she absorbs an all out anal assult that leaves her with a gaped anus and a glazed upper lip!

Vixen has all the luck of a bastard on father's day and this was more than obvious when she drew a scene with Mongo! This guy fucks this Irish chicks ass like he was still pissed about that Crying Game movie!

Lorena could work as the hostess of the Interacial House of Cum Cakes! This chick's fire box has burned more coal than the No. 9 train from Pixley! Her snatch gets more frosting than a three layer wedding cake!