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Couples Seduce Teens Alexa Jordan

Teen slut Alexa Jordan is shown how to properly suck on Ethan's cock.
Teen babe Alexa Jordan had just moved her from Colorado when Ethan and I met her. She was asking us if we knew of anyone really crazy who she should look out for. 'Only Us', replied Ethan. This girl doesn't know the situation she's found herself in because we are the crazy ones and we took our time to seduce this teen.

College Wild Parties Fuck-Tacular

College Wild Parties Fuck-Tacular
It`s time for another drunken college sex party. In this latest episode we find a hot brunette slut to suck and fuck. Something tells me this girl has done this kind of thing before..

Wife Switch The Paiges and The Evans

These two couples never swapped before. I'm guessing this won't be their last time either.
It took a little convincing to get Alana to agree to do a 'Wife Switch,' but in the end we were able to get The Paiges and The Evans to do a little wife swapping. It's great to see one couple fuck another. It might become a habit for these two if they don't look out.

Milf Hunter Ashden

Another yummy mommy bagged by the MILF Hunter.
When the guys at MILF Hunter had to do their laundry, they ended up running into this hot babe Ashden at the strip mall. This babe had an appointment for a manicure so they needed to do her in thirty minutes or less! Not a problem. Watch this hot busty babe get banged.

Mikes Apartment Jolanna

Jolanna knows that she has to put out to pay the rent. Consider it paid in full.
When girls are looking for a place to stay, they know that Mike's Apartment is always for rent. Just ask Jolanna. She was hanging out with her boyfriend and needed a place to spend a few nights, so we took her to Mike's place. Of course, she knew she had to pay the rent with some of that cute European ass.

Asian 1 On 1 Kaiya Lynn

Asian 1 On 1 Kaiya Lynn
There's nothing like a good revenge fuck. And that's what we have for you today. Kaiya Lynn is super pissed when she finds out her engagement ring is a fugazi, so to pay back her cheap ass fiance, she fucks his brother.

Ball Honeys Havana Ginger

My realtor never fucked me for a listing.
Havana Ginger is a hot Latina realtor who is showing this lucky guy around some warehouses that he was thinking of buying. Of course once he lays eyes on her sexy ethnic body, there is no way in hell that he wants the warehouse anymore... he just wants to get in her panties for some hot hardcore sex!

Mr Big Dick's Hot Chicks Kimberly Franklin

Kimberly Franklin Works on the Fat Rod
When the star of Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks stumbles upon Kimberly Franklin at the bar, he knows he's got to find a way to get into that tight pussy as soon as possible! It doesn't take much convincing to get this horny babe into a compromising position!

Blowjob Ninjas Simone

Suck it hard, Simone
Blowjob Ninjas is always breaking in the hot chicks who know how to give an unforgettable blowjob. Simone is no exception to that rule! This babe loves to take a thick hard cock into her mouth and make it cum! Watch her get naughty in this hot scene...

Naughty Office Aurora Snow

Naughty Office Aurora Snow
Aurora Snow is a hot nine-to-fiver in this scene, and when her computer crashes, they send in the company's computer nerd to fix things for her. Fact is, Aurora is more interested in HIS hardware than that of her ailing computer, and before long he's showing her that plug-n-play isn't so obsolete after all!

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