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Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast Is Mother Fucking Served!
I don't know about you my fellow pervs but I like to wake up getting some deep throat love from Mrs. WANG or waking her up doing the power munch on her tight pussy. I'm sure that all of us can agree waking up with some big tits in our mouths it's one hell of a great way to wake up and I have to tell you that I think that it is. And it's no secret that I love some good hardcore fucking to wake up to. I'm pretty sure that I've said that shit many times before and I'm going to keep saying that shit because it's one of the best fucking ways to wake up.

Pick Up Lines? Seriously?

She Doesn't Want To Hear A Fucking Pick Up Line!
In this time when I thought that we have all passed pick up lines and mother fuckers are being straight up, I'm surprised again because at least some mother fuckers have slipped through the fucking cracks when it comes to understanding that pick up lines do not work. Even if they do, it's pretty much safe to say it's with some chick that you wished you never talked to. From Rex's article, blog or whatever you call it, I have been informed greatly that mother fuckers are still with that bullshit.

Don't Let Them Inside

I Hate To See The Mother Fucker On The Receiving End!
If there's something that I always tell people my fellow pervs, it's to keep people out of their relationship. I tell them that shit because people could really fuck up your relationship with lies and shit. It's funny how a rumor getting around to your wife, girlfriend, husband or whatever or to you about them could be the basis of you getting ready to break shit off with them but it does happen. I'm pretty sure that there are a many mother fuckers out there that could agree with that shit.

Teen Pies - Marissa Mae

Teen Pies - Marissa Mae
Today we're checking out the tiny little titties of one Marissa Mae, and dreaming about what could have been. First, there is the matter of the tits to talk about with Marissa, or the distinct lack there of. Now, we all love teen sites, and one of the main attractions is the small tits, so this is all plus side. It's not like there's a huge influx of teens with big tits sites running around, so the smaller the tits are, the better. After a long time in the porn world, you think that there would be a least a few big tit teen sites, but alas. The only one that I knew about died a few years ago, and while it's still up, it will never update so it's not even worth mentioning. There is something that I want to mention though, that is large on her, and I wish I could have seen it in it's full glory.

Naughty America - Dava Foxx

Naughty America - Dava Foxx
So, I've been checking out bottomless girls lately. You know, pictures of girls wearing just the top half of their clothes, and I must say, I thinking is a pretty great form of porn. As I'm a full weekend and a day into this now, I've come to the conclusion that women with no bottoms except for wearing nylon stockings, is generally better than women wearing nothing from the waist down. It's an amazing thing that I wished happened more in my every day life. Maybe when my plan for world domination comes true, and I have multiple women serving my every need, I'll just have a few of them walking around with no pants on. You know, just on spec. I would have special chairs that they could only sit in. Maybe they could play games with each other, like Twister or something. Maybe shoot a little pool.

The Cop Who Was A Pornstar

This Is Not Her But I Think You Get The Idea!
Yes you heard me right my fellow pervs. There is a cop on the Miami Police force that did porn at one time. Now there's some kind of big investigation into that shit because it seems that the people that she filmed the porn with are mother fuckers who might have broken the law. She wasn't proven to have done anything wrong but you know how the news media like to blow shit out of proportion sometimes. They are not focusing on the other guys they are going on a witch hunt about this lady officer, who just happened to do some day with a pornstar shit in her past and that doesn't set right with me.

Big Tits at School - Molly Jane and Dylan Phoenix

Big Tits at School - Molly Jane and Dylan Phoenix
Today we're checking out a scene together, because frankly, I haven't watched it yet. Usually what will happen is I'll look at my porn for the day, and if I find a good one, I feel like I should share it with the world. That's my normal process anyway. The difference today was, I ended up watching some unspeakable porn that I happened to get my hands on, and I can't share that with you. It wasn't unspeakable as far as legality. It was more like.. production. One, my friend handed it to me on a VHS tape, and said, 'you have to watch this'. Now usually, that sets of alarms, and I don't even accept the tape. But the smile on his face when he said it, made me way to curious to turn it down.

Apples and Oranges and Melons

Makes You Want To Healthy, Doesn't It?
I know what you're thinking my fellow pervs. You're thinking by that title about big tits and round asses. I can't blame you because we've all got a dirty mind. I mean just the saying apples, oranges, and melons could make any mother fucker think about wanting to fuck some hot chick. And fuck, who could blame you? I mean we all think about fucking about 24 hours of the fucking day, especially when we see some hot chick that give you a hard on that's about to explode.

Marriage Is The Same No Matter If You're A Different Sex or Not

Marriage Is The Same, No Matter Who You Are!
I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of gay and lesbian people out there feeling good about the fact that the Supreme Court ruled that marriage between same sex couples are just as valid as those of heterosexual couples in all 50 states. I'm not afraid to say that I'm feeling good about it myself. I mean it's just giving two people who want to be married a chance to be married to each other the chance of doing that and to me there's nothing wrong with that because if they want to be married to each other then more power to them. They are just two people who want to say more than " live together" and they want to make it known to the world.

Lousy Sex or No Sex at All

If It Ain't This Good Then It's Not Worth It!
I'm pretty sure that you might have read me state before that the worst kind of pussy to get is a chick that just lays there. I mean what's it worth to get a fuck when you can't enjoy that fuck right? I think that it's safe to say that you might feel the same way my fellow pervs because nobody and I mean nobody wants somebody that's a lazy fuck. You'd better be jacking off than to fuck with somebody that's a lame fuck. It defeats the whole fucking purpose.

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