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When She Won't Give You None

When She Won't Give You None, You Have To Take Matters In Your Own Hands! Literally!
I'm pretty sure that we've all been through our woman, not wanting to fuck, either because they just might not be in the mood or more than likely, like us guys tend to do sometimes, we did something that pissed them off. Either way, there's going to come a time when she's not going to give you access to the honey chest and that shit is going to happen at the worst time, when you really want to fuck. It has happened to the best of us my fellow pervs and it's a shitty deal.

Fucking Hardcore

If You're Going To Fuck, You've Got To Fuck Hardcore!
When it comes to fucking you've got to do that shit right. You can't just come to fuck half stepping. You've got to go hardcore, my fellow pervs, or you go home. It's just as simple as that. You can't come in all wimpy and expect to have some good sex. I mean you can't just lay there and expect your mate to do everything. You've got to get into that shit. If both of you are not sweating when everything is over with, then you haven't fucked. You only just had a preview because fucking means that when you get done, you both are so drenched in sweat that you feel like you've been walking in a rain storm. Now that's fucking.

Sneaking Sex During The Day

Anytime You Could Sneak A Fuck In Is A Good Thing!
I'm sure that we could all admit that we are some horny mother fuckers. I know that I'm not ashamed to admit that shit. I love fucking and I love fucking Mrs. WANG every chance that I get to, even when we are not at home and could sneak one in. There's nothing wrong with it. If you're horny, you're horny. It doesn't matter what people think as long as both of you get your rocks off, who the fuck cares what they think? I don't and you shouldn’t either.

The Anal Virgin

She Might Not Have Done It Before, So You've Got To Take It Slow!
There's no question that every one of us have had some deep throat love and top notch pussy but there are some of us who would love to give our woman, or a woman for that matter, the dirty Sanchez. You know what I'm talking about my fellow pervs. I'm pretty sure that you've at least thought about fucking your woman in the ass. I think just about every man out there has thought about that shit but your woman just may not be having that. She might not be as into it as you would like her to be and that shit could be understandable.

Slap It On Her Pussy

Pull It Out And Slap It On Her Pussy A Few Times!
There's nothing like giving some good old hard cock to some good pussy, my fellow pervs. I'm sure that you could agree. I mean there's nothing like having a good fuck, that's something that most of us live for. I know that there are a lot of us out there that love when we could get deep in that pussy. It feels fucking good when you could have your cock in some tight pussy that fits like a glove. When it's wet that's even better because you could glide that shit in without a problem.

Doctor Adventures - Jasmeen Lefleur and Abella Danger

Doctor Adventures - Jasmeen Lefleur and Abella Danger

So now that the Ashley Madison leak is in full swing, there's been different angles that people have been looking at the situation. I was watching CNN and they were actually debating on whether or not they should be looking at the list, because in reality, no one has committed any crimes, so it's really none of the public's business. ( I for one, was amazed that a reporter came to this conclusion. It's too ethical. ) He was quickly shouted down saying that if you're in the military, infidelity was against their code of conduct, so they could be kicked out. And in Saudi Arabia, you could be beheaded for it, so those are both good reasons to out someone. I'm sure most of them will skirt around the issue by reporting on the reporters outing people. That way, you can talk about cheaters and still maintain that you're 'above the fray'.

There is one reason why you might want to check besides planning your own divorce...

I Have a Wife - London Keyes

I Have a Wife - London Keyes
If you haven't been around for a while, you might not have heard about the AshleyMadison.com hack that happened a few months ago. If you don't know what Ashley Madison is, it's a website that married people signed up for to discreetly find other married people and cheat on their spouses with. The important word in all of that was discreetly. In July they were hacked, and all of the customer's names and personal information was held for ransom by the hackers. Ashley Madison decided not to pay, and yesterday the hackers decided to leak the information online. This might not be good for about 37 million people right now. The first question on your mind might be, well who might these people be? It turns out, it's pretty easy to find out.

Teens Like It Big - Alaina Kristar

Teens Like It Big - Alaina Kristar
We haven't done a young girl/creep old dude duo in a while, so I'm here to deliver one to you. This one stars Alaina Kristar and previously mentioned creepy old dude. If you've never heard of Alaina before, I wouldn't worry about it too much. She hasn't been around all that long. Well, I guess she's been around long enough that you know she's going to stay for a while, but not long enough that you would call her a veteran. She describes herself as 18++, which, if it's anything like C++, she would be around 20 right now. In addition, you always add three years for a porn star, so we're looking at 23. Given that we're talking about porn, that puts her squarely in the teen category, and the main reason that she's on Teens Like It Big.

Innocent High - Gabriella Ford

Innocent High - Gabriella Ford
Today is a day that you're all subjected to my whim of the day. A lot of the time, I try to find girls or types of girls that haven't been on the site in a while, and go for that. The problem here is, last night I watched the movie House Party. If you don't know the movie, don't feel too bad. It came out in 1990, which means it probably came out before some of you were even born. More than that though, it wasn't a very good movie to begin with, so it's not going to be replayed over and over again like Ghostbusters or something. The one thing that the movie did have though, was a scene that I am particularly found of, and it stars one Tisha Campbell-Martin who's really nothing to look at now, but at the time, wasn't that bad. The scene though, was pretty good..

Fantasy HD - Veronica Vain

Fantasy HD - Veronica Vain
It's been a long day here in the States. Most of us are sitting around sweating our balls off, and the thought of doing anything physical is kind of ridiculous to me right now. Watching porn is kind of like eating when it comes to hot days for me. I know I should do it at least once, but I just don't feel like it at all. I'm sure there's an optimum temperature when you do either activity, but I'm sure we've past that 20 degrees ago, so I'm just going to write about it today, and skip watching it. I went with Monday Night Football instead, and I have to say, I don't think I've ever cared about a game less than that one. It's weird watching a game when you know half of the guys you're seeing are going to be on the bus in a few weeks. There's a weird mix of 'try hard so you can keep your job' and 'don't go full out so no one important gets injured'. I don't know how they walk that line.

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