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There's More Than One Way to Pay the Rent

She Doesn't Have The Rent Money but She's Got Something Just as Good!
I was checking out a scene from Mike's Apartment and I have to say that they have some good shit there. I'm pretty sure that most of you might have checked it out my fellow pervs and you know what I'm talking about. It's where chicks make a XXX proposal when they can't pay their rent or maybe they just do it anyway because they are looking for some cock, so they lie to him about not having the rent to get it.

Everybody Wants to Do Porn

Everybody Wants to be a Pornstar!
I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that you find a lot more people wanting to do porn or make their own porn these days. I know it doesn't come as a surprise to me with how popular porn has become and all the technology that we have these days. Years ago, porn was like a dirty four lettered word that you didn't want to say around people. Hell, years ago, you didn't actually want anybody to know that you watched porn because it was an embarrassing subject.

Stealing Her Daughter's Boyfriend

She Felt Her Daughter wasn't Doing Him Right. So Leave It Up to Mom to Give Him What She Thought He Needed!
Well as you know my fellow pervs, when I'm not laying the big sausage pizza on Mrs. WANG, working like a mother fucker bringing some good shit for you to read, watching porn or doing some other manly fucking shit, I'm checking out the talk shows. Sure it's mostly for women but to be honest with you, some of the shit that women watch is fucking worth taking the time out to watch. I'm pretty sure that you've checked out that shit too before and probably got hooked on it, when your favorite show or sports wasn't on, or even when your woman made you watch the shit. If you have then you found out that it's pretty fucking entertaining.

Kiss at Least Once a Day

It's Always Good to Kiss at Least Once a Day!
My wife, Mrs. WANG went on a girls' night out with a female friend of ours. She was telling me about how much fun she had. While they were partying on South Beach, they ended up meeting a married couple who had been together a long time and according to my wife, things wasn't going very well between them, even though they seemed to be having fun. Maybe they were but they weren't really having fun together because they were really not saying anything to each other or even looking at each other, according to my wife.

Fucking in Exciting Places

Any Place Outside of the Bedroom Could Be a Good Place to Fuck!
Sure fucking anytime is exciting but as I'm sure that you could agree my fellow pervs, there are just some times when we want to fuck somewhere else besides a bed or the couch. Sometimes we want to bust that nut in places that we've never done it before. You know what I'm talking about, like places where you could get caught but don't. Places that you would never expect to make our chicks take the big swallow. Places where you might see them film scenes from Captain Stabbin, you know shit like that.

Teens Do Porn - Chase Hart

Teens Do Porn - Chase Hart
Chase Hart is like a breath of fresh air. But this air might come from between her ears. Actually she doesn't seem dumb at all. She just sounds dumb. I think it might be because I'm an asshole Northerner though, so please don't take my word on it. Hit the jump and see for yourself. But if you do agree with me, let me ask you this? Does it make her seem hotter? I mean, when I first saw her, I though, cute little Southern number. But when I first heard her, man, my dick was diamonds. Maybe this is just a weird fetish that I'm just finding out I'm having. I wonder what that voice on an Asian chick would be like..

Why You Should Pay For Porn

Why You Should Pay For Porn

I just wanted to let everyone know that Siri has an amazing essay up on the Daily Dot about why it's important to pay for your porn. While there are many reasons including - it's only right, you won't get sued by the publisher for way more money than it cost to begin with, and the ultimate reason, so you won't be a massive douche, it really only boils down to one reason. Do you want porn to continue to exist? Some estimates say that as many as 80% of the websites that were open during the mid-2000s are now closed or hanging on by a thread. And while they are going down the drain, the publishers try to hang on by offering the porn stars less and less.

Listen, I'm not trying to guilt you into anything. I'm just saying that you should read it, and think about supporting the stars that you happen to be into.

Siri's site can be found here.

Everybody Needs a Boys/Girls Night Out

Everybody Needs a Night Out!
Let's face it my fellow pervs, we all need a night to hang out with the boys or the girls, it's just something that has to happen. I mean we all get tired of staring at four walls when our day is done. Sometimes we need some kind of break from the everyday hustles and bustles of life. We need a night where we could go out and do something so that we could have something interesting to talk about when we come home. That's just a given.

Walk Around Naked Day

Let It All Hang Out!
When you're married or in a relationship for that matter, things could get kind of mundane. What I mean is that the whole day in day out struggle could wind up getting to you. It could get you to the point where you feel like everything in your fucking life is a chore. It's as if the fun has pretty much gone out of your life and that’s not a good thing whether you are in a relationship or not.

You Can't Turn a Whore into a Housewife

You Can't Turn a Whore into a Housewife!
As the old saying goes, "you can't turn a whore into a housewife." That is very true my fellow pervs and it goes both ways. What I mean by this is that if somebody was a whore when you first met them, then it’s more than likely that they are going to be a whore when you marry them. In other words, there's no changing them if that how they choose to be, they have to change that shit themselves.

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