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Rub a Teen - Serena

Rub a Teen - Serena

The past few days have been very big days for nerds and nerd culture with all of the announcements that are going on. With the new Star Wars trailer, the Star Wars Battlefront trailer, and the leaked Batman vs Superman trailer all coming out, there's a hell of a lot to talk about. If you're a geek/nerd/whatever and you're not walking around all day with a semi-chub, you're a little dead inside. I think Star Trek is way better than Star Wars, and thing George Lucas is a fucking tool, and I still like what I'm seeing with that piece of shit franchise.

There's one thing that's obviously missing in all of this media coming out of Hollywood. Tits. I did not see one good pair of tits in any of the trailers that I've seen over the past two days. It's a fucking crime. But a crime that can be quickly remedied.

I Could Understand Why Lesbians Are Lesbians

Lesbians Just Want To Have Fun!
Now, I know that you heard me say a lot about supporting the LGBT community and I'm pretty sure that you've heard me say that I don't understand why people choose that lifestyle, which are true statements. Well, they are true at least up until the point where it comes to the subject of lesbians. I know that you've might have seen me state before that I love lesbians and even that I could possibly see how they could be lesbians because when you compare pussy to cock, pussy is more appealing than cock, no contest, but there are also other reasons why I say what I do and I'm going to put it out there.

Death and Taxes

Undertaker vs I.R.S.
Whelp, it's tax day people, and I know there's nothing like sitting down, and working for four or five hours figuring out how much you owe the government. It's actually pretty fun when you think about it. It's the same kind of fun as, I don't know, raking leaves with one arm, or answering a phone call from your ex-wife. You know, the small pleasures in life. I was trying to think of a porn equivalent to paying taxes, and it took me about 3 seconds, but I finally came up with anal. I was going to go with full on pegging, but I didn't really want to find any of those videos, because it felt like it was going to hit a little close to home, so I just stuck with anal. There was one good thing that came out of it though. While I was looking for an anal scene that best represents tax day, I found a pretty good surprise.

Three's Company

Every Man's Fantasy!
The other day my wife came to me with something that I'm sure that is pretty much any horny mother fucker's dream. I'm not going to keep you in suspense any longer my wife came to me with the thought of having a threesome with her and another woman. Now, I know that's some shit that all of us dream about. I mean just about every mother fucker dreams about having a threesome with their woman.

Having Sex With Food

If You're Going To Have Sex With Food, This Is The Wrong Way To Do It!
Now, let me be clear right now, I'm not saying to go out and fuck the food you eat. What I'm saying is that you should consider adding food when you fuck. I mean just think about it, you get the best of both worlds. You get your food along with a good fucking that would have you sleeping like a baby when it's said and done. Plus, it's fun as fuck.

Alex Tanner and Dani Jensen

Alex Tanner and Dani Jensen
I watched the Game of Thrones season premier yesterday, and the fact that Sophie Turner's hair isn't red anymore is really bumming me the fuck out. I'm usually not that into redheads, but Sophie with red hair is one hundred thousand percent better than Sophie without red hair. In fact, I was glad that she was only in a few games, because every time I saw her, I just got more and more sad. And that was besides the fact that the episode just wasn't very good. ( It's probably going to take a second to kick into gear ) Is it weird that the three best girls on the show are all redheads? No, that's just science. But what do you do when a show that had the three best redheads on TV are down to one? Turn to porn of course.

Make Her Feel Sexy

You Make Her Feel Sexy, You Can Get All The Pussy You Want!
There's always some mother fucker out there complaining about their woman don't want to give up the pussy. They would always tell you how fucking sexually frustrated they are because their woman leave them to the point where they've got to jack off when they get a hard on. These mother fuckers usually go out there and cheat like whores instead of fucking their women like they should be doing. What they don't realize is that they are the ones at fault for that shit.

Watching My Mom Go Black

This picture makes much more sense after you know the plot.
There's a bit of a weird fetish thing about the site Watching My Mom Go Black, that I've never really understood. I know there's a group of guys out there that like the whole 'watching thing' that happens with porn sometimes. I don't know exactly how many there are, and I feel like I'm underestimating their numbers a bit, but that's really besides the point. I feel like it's a smaller group in the fetish world. Then, you have the interracial group that's here to check out the white girl black guy angle. That's probably a larger group of guys, than the first. And the you've got the whole MILF group of guys, which is probably the largest of the three groups, and where you're getting your biggest draw from. But what does the cross-over of those groups look like?

Inked Babes

You Can't Tell Me That Doesn't Want To Make You Want To Fuck Her Even More!
I have to be honest with you my fellow pervs, I love a woman with some body art. There's just something that's fucking sexy about a chick that has tatts. Sure any chick out there from small tits chicks to chicks with big tits, and round asses are sexy, not to mention those sexy BBWs but there's something about when a babe has some tatts that just makes you want to give them the big sausage pizza even more. I have to say that not only does my wife Mrs. WANG have it in all the right places but she also has tatts as well, I'm not going to tell you where, and that shit just makes it even more bad ass when I'm fucking her.

Lust HD - Alexis and Madison

Lust HD - Alexis and Madison
I have a fundamental problem with this scene from Lust HD. Here we have Alexis and Madison going through other peoples underwear box like girls tend to do. They happen to find the dildo at the bottom of the underwear drawer. ( Notice that I didn't say 'a dildo' as there's a dildo at the bottom of every female underwear drawer. That's just science. ) Now, this is wear I start to disagree with the scene. Immediately upon finding the dildo, the girls start to get the idea of having sex with each other. Now, this may seem like it makes sense, but I'm left puzzled. I mean, every time I pull out my dick for my woman, she never seems to want to have sex. I don't get it either. I've tried in a bunch of different locations, to see if that was the problem.. Back of a movie theater, back of a cab, in the elevator at the bank, McDonalds. Nothing seems to work.

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