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A Woman in the Streets and a Freak Between the Sheets

Just Because She's a Woman Everywhere Else Doesn't Mean She's Not Going to be a Freak Between the Sheets!
If there's one thing that us men love, it's a woman that could carry herself good in public. I mean sure we love getting street blowjobs whenever possible but there's just something about a good woman that makes you want her to be more than tonight's girlfriend. Having a good woman is like being in the Naughty America VIP, she'll treat you good if you treat her right.

Don't Go to Sleep Upset

He Thinks He's Going to Get a Good Night's Sleep, but What He Doesn't Know is His Wife is Waiting Until He's Really Getting His Rest to Wake His Ass Up and Fight!
One of the worst fucking things you could do is go to sleep upset after you've had a fight with your woman. You'll find yourself having some weird ass fucking dreams that night let me tell you. I've been through that shit before and it's not good. You end up waking up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep because your mind is wondering if she's still upset with you and if she is then you're wondering if she's going to kill your ass in your sleep. You start getting suspicious because she didn't say much but "ok," all night.

Catfight Fever

This is the kind of Catfight We Want to See on Jerry Springer!
I'm pretty sure there's not a horny mother fucker out there that doesn't love a good sexy catfight, I know I do. I mean there's just something about when two chicks go at it ripping their clothes off that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, inside your pants that is. There's not a man out there that doesn't love some hot we live together type of shit going on in front of them. I can tell you of at least a few mother fuckers who watch Jerry Springer hoping that they don't block out the nudity when those chicks get in a fight over some dude that's not really worth a shit anyway.

Giving Her a Tune Up

She Definitely Looks Like She Could Use a Tune Up!
I know that some of you are thinking that I'm talking about your car. Sure that would be a good idea too because every car could always use a tune up but I'm talking about your woman. Yes, I know this might get some women pissed off at me for saying but a woman just like a car could use a tune up too.

Why They Pick Thugs

Everybody Wants to Be a Thug
Like you've heard me said at least one time before, it seems like more mother fuckers want to be thugs these days. I don't really know why but I guess that they think that it's a good way to get chicks and maybe they are right. I mean we do see these guys with some real stunners, so there's just have to be something about them that's so good that these chicks keep their asses around right? Well, I have come up with a theory about "why they pick thugs," and I'm pretty sure that it's going to be some pretty good fucking knowledge that I'm sure you would love to hear my fellow pervs. So enjoy.

Make Her a Bath

Her Husband Made Her a Bath, and She Made Him Blow His Load All Over the Place!
Well, if I didn't tell you by now, my fellow pervs, I'm telling you now. The future Mrs. WANG has become Mrs. WANG. Ah yes, my fellow pervs, I have found my pervette for the rest of my life and I can't be more the happier. Mrs. WANG and I are doing more than fine and I have to say that we are fucking like rabbits. That's right my fellow pervs, we are getting all hot and mean and enjoying every minute of it.

Naughty Rich Girls - Adriana Chechik

Naughty Rich Girls - Adriana Chechik
I have a question! Are you a multimillionaire? No?! Congratulations! There's a whole segment of the population that won't sleep with you, no matter how good looking you are! In all seriousness, there are groups of women, that will always and only be with the ultra rich. Their lives are dedicated to being with the rich, and they work very hard at ending up with the rich. There's no fucking way that Elin Nordegren who is the daughter of a Swedish Governor, goes from being a model in Stockholm to a nanny for Jesper Parnevik's shitty kids without wanting to bed some rich golfer. And we all know that within a year, she's with Tiger Woods. It's just the way of things. And that's why we have porn..

Conservative Parents to MTV: Tone It Down

And They Want To Tone Down This?
Well my fellow pervs, those conservative so called do gooders have done it again, this time they are going after the MTV music awards. Ah yes, the same one that last year gave us a good view of Miley Cyrus twerking giving us some sexy tongue while she was at it. Those were some good times wasn't they? At least I think so.

Big Tits at School - Madison Scott

Big Tits at School - Madison Scott
Well boys and girls, it's about that time. If you're not already back to school, you're well on your way. Google has it's 12 tips for going back to school, which are all basically advertisements for their various services, so you're not going to land any pussy that way. You can't really pay attention to porn, because if you follow what they do, you're going to end up thinking that you have a 100 percent success rate, and that shit ain't going to happen. I have the advice my father gave me but it never ended up working for me. You could try it out though..

Asian 1 on 1 - Sakura Scott

Asian 1 on 1 - Sakura Scott
I've been having some pretty deep yellow fever lately. I started watching the Chinese show Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It's about ninety something episodes long, so I'm going to be spending a few months doing that. I also watched the first episode of the BBC series Art of China. It's one of the few BBC shows that isn't hosted by a total douche. He's a bit of a douche, but not a total douche. It makes it tolerable to watch. I'm even watching In the Loop with Betty Liu, because you know.. Betty Liu. After a few days of this I've come to the conclusion that I need some good old fashion Asian porn to get me out of this cycle I'm in.

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