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When You're Away Keep Them Horny Throughout The Day

You've Got To Keep Them Going While You're Away!
Now, I know what you're thinking my fellow pervs. You're thinking it's a hard task to keep somebody horny throughout the day. I could understand that shit especially when you might not know how to do that shit. Then it could be hard trying to figure out what the fuck you could do to make that shit happen because it's not always easy to keep somebody having the self desire to get into flexible positions with you. It could be like pulling teeth but it is possible to keep somebody horny through the day and ready to fuck your brains out when they see you. It's not as hard as you might think neither.

Alien Sex

Crazy Shit Huh?
I was having a few beers with one of my good friends and somehow the subject of aliens came up. No, I'm not talking about immigrants my fellow pervs, I'm talking about aliens, in like from another planet. I don't know how we ended up talking about aliens but we did and what's even weirder is when my friend actually said and I quote, "I wonder what it would be like to fuck an alien." What's even more weird than that was the fact that I started wondering that same thing too. Yeah, I know my fellow pervs, crazy shit, right?

Guns And Religion

It's Like Throwing Gasoline On A Grease Fire!
Oh yes my fellow pervs, I know that I might end up pissing some people off with this shit but when have you known me to be worried about pissing a mother fucker off? I'm pretty sure that you would agree that I have written some shit that might still have mother fuckers talking today. This time I'm talking about some anal shit that I have seen going on but I didn't really say anything about. That shit is guns and religion.

8th Street Latinas - Taylor Reed and Lucia Lace

8th Street Latinas - Taylor Reed and Lucia Lace

So, this week, most of the computer users of the world were asked a simple question, do you want to upgrade to Windows 10? The first thing you learn about Windows 10 is the fact that it's free.. well kind of. If you're upgrading from an earlier version of Windows ( 7+ ), and you do it within the first year that Windows 10 is out, than you get it for free. Seems like a pretty great offer right?

There's a bit of a famous internet quote from a few years ago that says, "if you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold". It's not a new concept at all. As far back as the early days of radio and television, you see this concept in action. The radio station isn't selling you the music, it's selling the audience listening to the music to the advertisers. The difference is, the radio never asked you to give up your privacy at the same time.

Teeny Black - Jaye Austin

Teeny Black - Jaye Austin
Today I was checking out a new site, which is called Teeny Black. Like I said, it's new, so I don't know a lot about it yet, but from what I'm seeing, it's going to be a very good site. It's by Team Skeet, and if you know anything about porn, you know that they make great sites, so I'm not worried about how this one is going to turn out. If you haven't guessed what the site is about by now ( and why haven't you? ) it's exactly what you might think it is. A teen site about Ebony women. I don't think that they're trying to go for anything new with the site. It's more like they are filling in the gaps with their family of sites. They have plenty of teen sites, and plenty of black sites. I just don't think they had a teen black site. I'm not saying that they needed one, but it's always welcome to have a new site from a great company. The weird thing was, who the first person I saw when I got there..

18 Years Old - Anita Bellini

18 Years Old - Anita Bellini

Lately I've been watching old episodes of The West Wing for about two or three hours a day for the past few days. I'm a little into politics, and I like watching the arguments back and forth between the two parties, but it's getting a little ridiculous on the news right now. I never thought reality would be more messed up than some Aaron Sorkin television show, but here we are, watching 22 people and a couple of very extraordinary media robots running for President. So, instead of watching what the next thing Donald Trump says, or the way Lindsey Graham wants you to see how to destroy cell phones, I choose to watch fake politicians complain about fake issues, and I don't have to think about anything, like.. the fucking mess we're going to be in when the next President gets there.

The problem was, having watched all of these episodes before, I needed something else to watch at the same time..

Sex Gives You The Munchies

Good Fucking Gives You An Appetite!
People always talking about weed giving you the munchies but did you know that sex could do that shit too? Well, I have for a long time but I never really thought about that shit until after Mrs. WANG and I finished one of our sessions of getting into flexible positions. I know that both of us were hungrier than a mother fucker. But I guess if you are really going at it, you do end up building up an appetite. I know that we sure did.

Fucking In And Around The Pool

That Looks Like Fun! Don't You Think So?
Mrs. WANG and I always talked about fucking in and around the pool. We've seen so many mother fuckers do that shit and it seems like a whole lot of fun to us. It's something that we have never done together and we would like to do that shit because it looks like it's so fucking hot. I'm pretty sure that anytime you get to fuck in a pool or around the pool is fucking hot. I know they sure as hell make that shit look like it in porn. So being the adventurous mother fuckers we are, we would love to try that shit.

Teen Curves - Keisha and Karlee

Teen Curves - Keisha and Karlee
I can't believe I haven't talked about this scene yet. I guess you just let some things pass by, and forget about them. Then, it's two months later, and you're thinking, why haven't I done that yet? If you're a member of Teen Curves, you'll probably know the scene I'm talking about right now. It's the one with Keisha and Karlee with the office clothes, and the spanking, and the hips. It's definitely, in my opinion, the best scene in the last couple of months on the site. They might not be the best looking girls on the site, but that hasn't been on the top of my list as a criteria for the best porn of the week lately. There's something to be said for girls that you think you could actually bed in real life. OK.. so realistically, I couldn't actually bed any of these girls, but they make me feel like I could, and that does something for me. Maybe I'm fucking crazy.

We Fuck Black Girls - Goddess Kyra

We Fuck Black Girls - Goddess Kyra
You all know that I'm a bit of a poker fan in my off time. I think I would make a pretty excellent gambler if I could just figure out how to win most of the time. But as of right now, I tend to lose more than I win, and I usually get pretty salty after I lose, so I don't think it's really going to work out. I do think I would get along in the Vegas lifestyle though. You know, strip clubs, and buffets, and strip clubs with buffets. I really think I would get along there. When I was in my late teens, I heard of the infamous Bunny Ranch outside of Vegas and thought to myself.. now there's a place that's worth taking a plane ride for. A bit after that, I watched a Showtime special about the place and thought to myself.. now there's a place I would like to avoid at all costs. Going to their site though, makes you feel like it might be worth the risk. You just can't forget any of your vaccines before you go though.

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