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Naughty Office - Kayla Kayden

Naughty Office - Kayla Kayden
The Victoria Secret Swimsuit Special was on last night. I have no idea how it was or how many people watched it, because honestly, I couldn't care less. If you do care though, you can watch it here though. Watching anything Victoria's is kind of like watching a bad PG-13 movie for me. There's just a bunch of nothing, but the whole time you're hoping for a nip that never comes. And at the end of the whole thing, you kind of feel ripped off, and bitter about the whole thing. You know what you never feel ripped off about? Porn. In porn, there's about a 99.99% chance you're going to get a nipple shot. Unless you're watching one of those CFNM sites, and then it's reduced to a 50/50 chance. I still like my odds with it.

AVN Award Winners

AVN Award Winners
I know this is about a month too late, but with having The Oscars just happen, it reminded me that I never mentioned who won the AVN awards for 2015. I'm only going to be going over the fan vote section, because if I delve into the well that is the AVN award list, it would take the rest of the week to finish. As I was going over the winners list, I was a bit surprised as to how off my taste in porn stars is with the rest of the people out there. I mean, a lot of my picks never even made it into the top 5. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, because the same thing happened to me last year. And I'm sure the same thing will happen to me next year as well.

That Bitch is Crazy

Still Think Fucking a Crazy Chick is Worth It?
I was watching this movie called Malicious today and if you haven't seen it, I would say that it's a pretty good fucking movie to check out. It's about this guy who cheats on his girlfriend and fucks this chick. The chick he fucked started catching feelings for him but to him the two of them fucking was just some tonight's girlfriend type of shit. Needless to say, she didn't take his rejection well and she proceeding to do what crazy bitches do when they get rejected, she commenced to making his life anal hell.

Devlin Weed Taught Me How to Eat Pussy

You Got to Admit He's Good at His Damn Job!
I was browsing through some good porn the other night when I came across an older scene with one of my favorite pornstars Delvin Weed. Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I usually don't write about male pornstars. So what's the deal here? Well, I'm going to lay it out for you. The reason why I chose to write about this mother fucker is because he's one of the original mother fuckers to ever enter the hardcore on some good pussy and I learned how to eat pussy by watching this mother fucker.

POV Power

Enjoying the View?
I think some of the best porn they ever came out with is POV porn. I mean what better way to tease it out than to your favorite pornstar honeys? With POV, you could at least imagine that you are fucking some of your favorite pornstars. Sure any porn is good but when you've got some good porn where it like you're the one fucking them, even though you're not, it makes it a lot better in my book.

Josie Jagger

Josie Jagger
Today we're talking about new girl Josie Jagger, and when I say new, I mean new new. I love it when they're right out of the chute like this. You can tell that they're still a bit nervous about the whole process. And if you want to talk about teen stars, I think that's there best attribute. Trying to find someone that's doing porn, and it hasn't turned into a 'job' for them, is like finding a needle in a hay stack these days. Someone who's just going through the motions, getting into her positions. Three minutes blowing the guy, three minutes cowgirl, two minutes reverse cowgirl transitionally into doggie style, and ending with a blowjob followed by a facial. It's almost like there's no imagination in the business anymore.

My Sister's Hot Friend - Kiara Diane

My Sister's Hot Friend - Kiara Diane

Today we're checking out Kiara Diane, or more to the point, a remaster of Kiara's shit from a few years ago. I haven't really been keeping up with her all that much, so after I watched this seen from My Sister's Hot Friend, I thought I'd look her up. The first thing I saw on her twitter was this post..

Which confused the shit out of me..

The Pussy Whisperer

It's Important to Talk to the Pussy!
I'm pretty sure there's not a guy, or even chick, out there that wishes he just had the power to just say a few words that would make any chick's clothes fall off and automatically want to do the 40oz bounce. I mean we always see chicks that are so fucking hot that we want to just fuck them right there and don't care if anybody was watching, especially if you're a single guy who's not ready to settle down yet and just looking for tonight's girlfriend. We would just love to get a chick to drop her panties at our whim and be willing to fuck like a pornstar.

Can't Get It Up?

Can't Get It Up?
I was watching a Family Guy episode called "Peter Problems" the other night and besides the fact of it being hilarious as fuck, it got me to thinking about a problem that most men dread. That's right my fellow pervs, it dealt with erectile dysfunction. Sure when you can't get it up is no laughing matter, as a matter of fact that shit is pretty fucking embarrassing but Family Guy's take on it, you can't help but to laugh. It's a serious fucking problem with us guys because pretty much part of us being a man is being able to lay down the big sausage pizza when we want.

Fuck Valentine's Day

Seriously Fuck Valentine's!
Valentine's Day could be a good day when you've got somebody but if you don't have somebody, you could hate when that fucking day comes. I know how that shit is seeing mother fuckers with their man or woman and seeing that you don't have anybody is fucking frustrating. I remember how that shit was when I didn't have somebody on Valentine's Day, watching all the other couples having a good time while I'm sitting alone. That shit was fucking anal hell.

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