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When Three's a Crowd and Not a Good One

I'm sure you will agree it's really past time for this mother fucker to go home!
There are times when threesomes could be a good thing, like when you're in orgy heaven but there are times when having a third person hanging around all the time could get pretty annoying especially in a relationship. It's not that you don't like having your friend around sometimes but not all the time, just like the times when you and your woman want to enter the hardcore. Or maybe that's just not the case all the time but I'm pretty sure that you will agree there are just some times when you just want it to be you and your woman without any other distractions.

Stay Out of It

Even this guy thinks people should mind their own fucking business!
As most of you know, I love to check out the talk shows. I have to confess, and I don't need a lie detector test, that shit is pretty fucking interesting to me how people would air their dirty laundry on television for everybody to see. It's fucking entertaining too but this shit is not about how I like talk shows per se. This is more about the whole fact that sometimes people don't know how to stay out of other people's fucking business.

The Night She Tripped and Fell on Another Guy's Cock

They both just happened to be naked when all of a sudden she tripped and fell on his cock!
Today, my fellow pervs I've got a true story for you. It comes straight from the MILF files. Just like I have said before, "if you don't do it then somebody else will." Well this hot and juicy story that I'm telling you today is not from a porn, the shit actually fucking happened. Of course I'm changing the names because well, I'm pretty sure that these people don't want to end up on the Maury show (just kidding, their ass might just end up there anyway but I'm not letting the names out because it came from the horses mouth and they have some journalistic ethics about that shit).

Write Her a Letter

He hand wrote her a letter and gave it to her before he left for work, she thanked him with a welcome home blowjob!
In this age of computer technology and shit, we tend to forget about what we had to do before we could just shoot a text to each other. We've pretty much all forgotten how we used to communicate with each other if we at least wanted a cum fiesta. It seems like we've forgotten how we used to put pen or pencil to paper to let each other know how we felt and what we would like to do with each other. Sure, email and texting is faster but there's just something about a written letter or note that's so much more personal.

Make Up Fucking

Makes you wonder if they are warming up for the fucking they are going to do later!
Any mother fucker out there would tell you that some of the best fucking that you could do is when you make up after a big fight. That may be true but that doesn't mean that you just go around picking fights with your man, woman or whatever just so that you could get a good fuck like you're hot and mean. No, it just means that when you're in a relationship, there are just some times when you don't agree about shit and when you finally come to a compromise you are going to want to fuck the shit out of each other, that's what I'm saying.

We Are Going to Look

Willing to bet you he's checking out a chick with some hot ass!
Ok my fellow pervs, let's face it when we see a nice round mound of ass, we are going to look. I find it funny that there are women out there who think that a man shouldn't look at another woman or even stare at them when they are wearing some tight and revealing clothing that show off their assets. We are human beings, when something or someone appeals to us we are going to fucking look, that's just the point blank.

Getting Locked Up is Totally Not Worth It

You just know that he's seriously thinking about the fact that he fucked up because he could be getting pussy right now!
I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about shit that he was going through. He's not the first one and not the last one to end up on the shit side of the stick when it comes to a fucked up relationship. The shit happens pretty much every fucking day, to not just men but women too. That's right the cheating housewives shit doesn't just happen to men, it happens to women too my fellow pervs.

Big Tits In Uniform - Lola James

Big Tits In Uniform - Lola James

I thought that we should stick with the school girls thing that we started yesterday. I kind of went on this rant about 'normal porn' but everything can be put into a category if you try hard enough. Yesterday's post could have been school girl, teen, ugly guy, or many other categories. But it was about as close to normal porn as you're going to get in this day and age.

So I could have easily gone with a teen and said that I'm keeping the teen theme going, and in a way, I guess I have. I'm just under the impression that no teen should have Lola's tits, so I just centered on the school uniform and went from there.

Normal Porn

Normal Porn
Porn is kind of a weird thing. If I could compare it to anything, it would be drugs. It's actually a really bad comparison. I don't think about it in the way you might think, like it's bad and it will ruin your life a blah blah. I think of it in stages, kind of like drugs come in stages. First you start off with alcohol or marijuana, and then, some people move on to other things. Whatever suits them. I got no problem with it, I'm just trying to make the point that there's usually a progression that happens with drugs. Not too many people start out on the crack pipe and work their way backwards. Porn is kind of like that I think..

Egyptian Queen

Nikia Phoenix
I keep seeing the commercial with the Egyptian queen over and over again on television, and it got me thinking about who the girl in the commercial actually is. It turns out that she's a low level model that's named Nikia Phoenix, and besides the commercial, she's done little else I can jerk off to. She's probably the most hit and miss model I've ever seen. One photo is great, but the next, she looks like a boy. It's really weird. So I quickly jumped ship, and went on a quest to find a new Egyptian queen for me to jerk off to. I had to go back to the well..

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