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Lola Reve - Fantasy HD

Lola Reve - Fantasy HD
Today we're going to do a quick one for the ladies out there. With the level of quality that Lola Reve has, I guess it could be for the guys. I just always assume that anything with a double penetration is for the ladies. If you're not familiar with Lola Reve, just sign up for her twitter account. You'll get to know her fucking super quick. I think she out paces the whole Kardashian clan when it comes to posting pictures of herself online. I for one, appreciate the amount of time that she puts into her account, and I appreciate the hell out of her body, so I see myself being a long time follower of hers. But let's get back to who exactly is having this fantasy.

Sex Sent You to the ER

Sex Can Send You to the ER!
I was cruising around the television Saturday late night looking for something to watch, when I ran upon this show on TLC called Sex Sent Me to the ER. Needless to say that shit sparked my interest because I've never really heard of shit like that happening. Sure I might have heard shit to the extent of people having to go to the hospital or clinic to clear up some shit that they caught while getting anal in the Amazon but not where they needed emergency room care. So, this was some shit that I thought I would check out.

Holly Halston

Holly Halston

There are very few things in life that have truly made me happy, but one of them happens to be Holly Halston's tits. If you've never had the pleasure of studying them as much as I have, I suggest you take a few minutes out of your day every day, and start down the road that I've been walking for many years. It's not a lonely road, there are many of us walking it. The problem is, you end up getting lost every once in a while, and there's a shit load of dead ends.

If you haven't been following the Holly saga, it hasn't been dramatic or anything, it's just sometimes she's working, and sometimes she's not working. It's kind of a toss up. You see, she retired, and then she came out of retirement, and then she kind of fell off the map, and now we're kind of in a holding pattern.

My Friend's Hot Girl - Dana Vespoli

My Friend's Hot Girl - Dana Vespoli
If you've been around here for a while, you know that I kind of have a thing for Dana Vespoli. She's really the only Kink performer that I follow, even a little. In fact, she got my vote for the best Kink performer of the 2015 AVN awards. I don't usually enjoy the Kink genre as much as the others, but when it comes to her, I over look the context and focus on the material. She's usually on sites like Evil Angel, which she has a shit load of work on by the way, so when she's on sites like My Friend's Hot Girl, I try not to pass up the opportunity to check her out in the 'normal' porn realms. IS it weird that I'm actually rooting for some porn stars this year for the awards? Have I gone to far down the rabbit hole?

Jurassic Cock - Tasia Banx

Jurassic Cock - Tasia Banx
Let's take a look at Jurassic Cock, or otherwise known as, the site that old male porn stars go to die. Everyone knows about all of the mature sites that are around for women. They even fell into their own special name of MILF. We all know them, love them, go to them all the time. But did you ever know that there was a site just like it, but for the male porn star? Did you ever have that thought enter your mind in any form or fashion? Me either. But it exists. And I'm guessing that it's a fetish of some type, but I'm only guessing on that one. I'm imagining that there's a group of guys out there that want this stuff. Or maybe there's a group of women out there with a father complex of some type? I haven't figured this one out yet.

Baby Got Boobs - Jezabel Vessir

Baby Got Boobs - Jezabel Vessir

Today we're checking out Jezabel Vessir and her tits. Well, more to the point, how much her tits sag. Now, I'm going to start this whole thing by saying, I absolutely love her tits. They're exactly like the tits I was raised on. They're the type of tits I look for in porn. They bring back a lot of memories for me, so take this all with a grain of salt. I could just be saying all of this because I miss what I use to have. But here's what I want to say..

Jezabel, even though her tits sag a little more than your average porn star, should be very proud of her tits, and should be willing to show them off unregulated. Now, I haven't seen a lot of scenes with her in it, but with this one, it seems like she is continually trying to hide the fact that her tits sag even a bit. She tries to prop them up, mush them together, give them hand bras. It gets tiring.

Dick Pics Are Not Going to Get You Laid on Facebook

Something to Think About Huh?
Honestly, I don't know what's going on in a mother fucker's mind that thinks inboxing people with cock pics are going to just make somebody say, "you have a big dick, we should talk." But there are some mother fuckers that just think that it's alright to just inbox people on Facebook with pictures of their fucking cock like that's going to make some random chick or whatever chat with them because they sent them a picture of their fucking cock.

Relationships Are Between Two People

People Get Hurt Being in Other People's Business!
If there's one thing that you all know about me is that I'm a dick when it comes to relationships. I'm a dick because the way I see things is that a relationship is between two people and that's pretty much fucking it. It's not between you, her and her fucking family, friends or shit like that. Relationships are a big step that's made between two people that they have to fucking deal with not everybody else.

Mother Fucking Movies

Mother Fucking Movies!
I don't know about you my fellow pervs, but I don't find many movies out there that make me want to run my ass out there to see them. I mean sure they have had some pretty good shit come out over the past year, or even years for that matter, but for the most part, there hasn't been too much shit out there that was worth fucking paying the money to watch. Some of those mother fuckers have the risk of being so bad that you would rather just buy a bootleg or some shit like that because you know that if the mother fucker isn't good, then more than likely your ass won't feel that bad because you didn't spend that much trying to see it.

Eaten Alive by a Snake?

Here's a Pornstars Version of Being "Eaten Alive" by snakes!
Just when you thought animal shows couldn't get more extreme something like this shit happens. I'm pretty sure that you've seen or at least heard about the show on the Discovery Channel called Eaten Alive, where this mother fucker, dressed in body armor attempted to be eaten by a anaconda. The shit didn't happen though, they had to stop because the body armor that was supposed to protect the guy didn't protect him as well as they thought it would and he ended up getting a broken rib by the time the snake made it's way to eat him.

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