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Cheating in the Next Room

This is the start of a topic for the Maury show!
Hey my fellow pervs, I just wanted to drop a little more knowledge on you about some shit that people don't think about. There are just some mother fucker XXX's out there who are just plain fucking cheaters. In other words they are not just the type that could stick to just one person. I know that it seems like it's bullshit but the point of the matter is that it's a true statement. There are just some people out there who like to have more than one person to fuck or have fuck them.

Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas
I've been following Haruna Anno a bit lately, frankly because I think she would be a fabulous person to have sex with. If you don't know what a Japanese idol is, just think of a cross between a young Playboy playmate and Kim Kardashian but she has a 70% chance of never getting naked. It's a girl that is famous ( to a very small group of men ) for the fact that she is cute. Sometimes they can sing, but it's usually just because she's cute.

Pornstars Like It Big - Romi Rain, Violet Monroe

Pornstars Like It Big - Romi Rain, Violet Monroe
We've got a little fantasy going tonight, which is a bit weird on Pornstars Like It Big. Well, maybe it's not. They have a huge variety of shit on the site. It's kind of like the catch all for the Brazzers network, for anything that has a big cock in it. By definition, if there's a pornstar in it, and there's a big cock in it, it kind of fits on the site. Which is all OK with me, because you don't have to worry about missing anything on any of the other sites.

Dirty Wives Club - Veronica Avluv

Dirty Wives Club - Veronica Avluv
Veronica Avluv is kind of a mystery to me. I really don't know how to feel about her. From some angles, she's one of the hottest women that I've ever seen and she looks relatively young. But from some other angles, she looks more mature than MILF, and she rates as meh. Maybe it's the lighting. Maybe it's her stomach when she's all folded up with her heels behind her head. Maybe I'm being entirely too picky, and should just enjoy the nakedness of the whole thing.

The Fannys

The Fannys
So The 2014 Fannys are coming up this Saturday on April 12th, and we all have to get our votes in before it's too late. If you don't know, The Fannys are the only fan vote porn awards there are, so it's your only real chance to influence who's going to win the only awards that really matter. And with it coming up at the end of the week, this is your last chance to get your votes in.

Take Your Ass Home

Even He Thinks That You Should Take Your Home.
When it comes to cheating housewives or cheaters in general. There's a lot of things that should be considered. How can you get mad with somebody cheating on you if you are never around? The way I see it you can't because like I have said many times before if you are not fucking your mate then somebody else will. Sure you could say that shit ain't right and you could call your cheating man or woman all the top notch bitches in the world but the truth is that mother fuckers get tired of being put on the back burner. And when that happens you could be pretty fucking sure that they will be looking somewhere else to get it.

Glory Hole - Alison Faye

Glory Hole - Alison Faye
The Glory Hole has always been a bit of a puzzle for me. Yes, you get to put your dick into a vagina. Do you get to look at that vagina? No. Do you get to look at the tits.. or the ass.. or anything? Do you get to touch it? The answer is usually no. Yes, your dick gets played with a lot. Maybe it's a dom thing where the women have all the control and you just let everything happen. But I have to believe that sex is better when experienced with all of your senses, and not just your sixth sense. ( the penis )

Pass Out the Condoms and Birth Control

Rubbers Save Money.
I know I've already said how important sex education and safe sex are my fellow pervs but I'm going to say it again and I'm going to keep on saying it until mother fuckers get the point. I think that's fair to say because when you've got mother fuckers out there getting fucking kids that they can't take care of, there's something that really needs to be fucking said about that shit. It's something that we don't want to talk about but it's something that we need to be fucking talking about.

Sex, Religion and Government

Sex, Religion and Government.
You know, I think it's fucking crazy it is how quick people are so quick to throw religion around when they don't like shit. It's pretty much like people can get out pretty much just about anything or pass some kind of bullshit along just by saying that it goes against my religion or that it goes against God. It's pretty much like when kids used to tell the teacher that the dog ate their homework when the teacher asks for it. It's pretty much bullshit.

Pornstars Pay Taxes Also

It's great when you could make money enjoying what you do!
You know I hear mother fuckers always talking about pornstars like they are the scum of the fucking earth and it's just fucking stupid. I mean people act like being a pornstar is worse than being a fucking criminal. Being in porn or the adult industry is pretty much like any other fucking job. You go do your fucking job and get paid, simple as that. But you just have mother fuckers out there that think that porn is the worse thing ever, which is okay because everyone is entitled to their opinions.
The one thing that people seem to fucking forget is that pornstars are people too and they pay taxes just like everybody else. I mean it's not like they walk in an IRS and fuck so they don't get audited. No, just like everybody else they pay their dues. They don't get a free ride and they have to do their part just like everybody else. There are no free rides for them.

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